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The prefix UN' denotes the reversal or cancellation of an action or state, while BRAND represents a label; a habit, trait, or quality that causes someone public shame or disgrace.

In life we've all fallen into a place of shame, practiced a bad habit, or inherited a negative label or title from people or circumstances in our lives.


UN|BRAND apparel is for the woman who has overcome adversity in her life.


She is no longer broken, silent, or bound from her past.

She is FREE, healed, and ready to share Her Story. 


Become a walking contradiction of who you used to be!

“All of the things that could’ve destroyed me, discouraged me, hindered me, broken me...they all actually helped mold me into the amazing woman I am today! I AM UNBreakable!!”

— Tijuana Jackson


"UN|Common: Not ordinarily encountered. Unusual. Atypical. Abnormal.

At one point in my life the meaning I thought was attached to these words hurt me, quieted me, embarrassed me, limited me. Little did I know the very things that made me "uncommon" were the very things that would light my path into purpose. Shame on missed meanings! Shame on internalized pain. I'm glad I got to UNdo it!"


— Dr. Eliza Belle


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